What Lifts You


I was inspired by this art piece found at the Avanti Food and Beverage here in Denver. It did not take me long to know with absolute certainty what lifts me — friendships.

Friends are family that choose to stick around. They don’t have to listen to my bullshit, or console me when my grandma died, or tell me for the 100th time that my brows look great. But they do. They are there every time I ask them to be, and vice versa. I feel strength in the vulnerability.

After we trade sad stories, disappointments, and hardships, that’s when the fun starts! We can move on from those negative things and have a great time. We can laugh and joke and feel great about ourselves and each other.

Spending time with friends makes me feel rejuvenated, and if it’s in a beautiful place or with delicious food and drinks — all the better!

Here are a few shots from vacations with friends recently…


An Ode to the Broken


In all of the ways you failed, or someone failed you, you have learned a lesson.

A good lesson is learning to do something right after you’ve done it wrong.

A bad lesson is learning that someone can leave you, without thinking twice. My therapist says I have an abandonment sensitivity. Sounds a little made up, but I can’t disagree with her.

I’ve learned so many lessons about others and about myself. I have experienced a lot of failure. It has changed me. I’m more wise but also less resilient than my younger self.

My younger self says “Go for it! You can do it!” My current self says “Don’t risk it. You’ll get hurt AGAIN.”

And maybe you’re thinking the same thing. So we just look at each other, and say nothing.

You’ll never know- the way I’m broken and the way you’re broken actually fit together.

2017 – The Year of Intentions


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2016 was spent just letting life happen. It sounds free spirited and somewhat whimsical. But it didn’t feel like that. It felt depressing and stressful and tiring. I wasn’t in control. Instead of turning a car on a dime, I was turning a ship in the empty sea. It moved so slowly that, half way through, I forgot where I was headed.

2017 will be different. I aim to live with intention, and do everything on purpose with purpose. I didn’t make any lists or specific resolutions for this year, but, at the end of this year, I want to feel proud and happy. And maybe blog a little more. Maybe.

With that said, this list posted to instagram was made for me: