kitty cat time!


trying to find a house pet has been proven to be a more difficult task than i first thought. ryan had suggested it a while back that he would like a house pet and i agreed. he suggested a cat and i initially said no cat. see, i’m a dog person. i like dogs. they are more work but i feel i get more joy from them. we looked online at shelters for a little bit and none of them really jumped out at me. i didn’t really think any of them were special. finally we found a dog i really liked, i can’t remember her/his name now and i barely remember what s/he looked like but we called our landlord to make sure we were allowed to have dogs. our upstairs neighbor has one (and we hear his nails scrape along the hardwood floor as he walks all hours of day and is quite annoying when we’re trying to fall asleep; but that’s another blog rant altogether) so we assumed we could do. well — turns out — we were wrong. our landlord is dead set against having dogs in the apartment and this particular neighbor somehow became the exception to the rule. ryan talked about possibly getting a cat since having a dog was out of the picture. i agreed to the idea.

some Sunday afternoon later, we went to the Los Angeles Farmers Market. on our way out, we saw a rescue team set up with 4 cats to try to adopt out. that’s where i found Sonya. i fell in love with her right away. she was gray, light brown and white hair. someone thought she was a tortie and someone else thought she was a calico but whatever she was, she was beautiful. we got contact info for the cat and then i thought about her for 2 days. at that point, i made the Ryan email the guy about her. we decided to have her over for a visit on Saturday. she was super curious about our apartment and instantly felt comfortable enough to explorer every nook and cranny. that evening, she hissed and stretched out her claws at us. not good. we didn’t even do anything. when we got into bed, she got into bed. for me, I’m not a huge fan of animals in/on the bed. don’t like it. so i gently pushed her off. apparently she didn’t like it so much a hissed and scratched me. yikes! totally hurt my feelings. i really liked this cat, just not on my bed. the only thing i said before she visited was that, she couldn’t be a scratcher. and that’s what she was. the next day, the guy and got her. i felt incredible sad and didn’t know if i’d find another cat i had a connection with.

we continued our search for a new cat on all of the animal shelter/rescue/adoption sites. we looked at quite a few cats. possibly hundreds. finally i narrowed it down to 18.. then 13… then 5. sent emails to request to meet them in person. we got one back and set up a meeting to meet a older, sweet looking but slightly rubbish looking cat. it was the joke of the day for at least 3 days in a row. look at this well kept pretty cat — awww — now look at the other one! hahaha!! maybe you had to be there.

anyhow, we went out to meet this older rubbish looking cat but the darn little thing wouldn’t have anything to do with us. she ran and hid from us and we couldn’t even get close to her. we did meet several others beautiful affectionate cats at this specific cat haven but none of them stole my heart. we waited to hear back about the other 4 cats. two were from one shelter and we got an email back from them asking why we gave them a dogs name because they don’t have dogs. not sure what they were talking about. we hadn’t looked at dogs in a week or two. we moved on from there. we got an email from the second place that had the other 2 cats; simply said, these cats have buddies and can’t be adopted out, kthanksbye. why are they up on the site for adoption then? huh?

finally, Ryan suggested what we should have done in the beginning: go out to our local city shelter. this last Sunday, at the Pasadena shelter, we found her. she doesn’t have a name but we found her. she’s almost a year old, orange and white, has a ring tail and the smallest head with the biggest cat eye we’ve ever seen. when we first saw her, she had herself nestled in her litter box. she was obviously scared; we noticed she just arrived the day before.

we filled out an adoption sheet and met with a counselor. she told us that the cat is in good health but we wouldn’t be allowed to adopt her, or even socialize with her until Thursday. we anxiously waited, then Ryan went down there on Thursday and officially adopted her. but we couldn’t take her home. sooo bummed. they hadn’t spayed her yet, so a couple more days and we’d have her.

that day is today! we’re in the middle of making a pet store list to make sure we have everything she needs and then we’re bringing home.