my second first blog


I’m really horrible at doing these types of things. I’m a huge typo-er and I’m not a fan of capitalization — or grammar or complete sentences or a lot things bloggers should be a fan of, and that could run off any potential readers I might have. on the other hand, I’m okay with that. I’m still confused on what kind of blog I’d like this to be. I want to incorporate my love for music, art and other random things, while also throwing personal life under the blog-bus, if you will. I’m huge on sharing but not huge on sharing with everyone.

I had a blog previously (on livejournal…didn’t we all for a second?) and I hated everything about it. It turned into just an art blog and before that, I was younger and stupider and wrote about strange, uninteresting things so it was probably for the better. However, I’d like to think I’m a completely different person and this blog has more to offer.

For starters: I’m in my mid twenties but I feel about 22. not 21, but just a little older and a little wiser. Not necessarily smarter, but wiser. my birthday is coming up soon and all I can think about is being 30 one day. I feel like my mind and body are very much against getting older. People tell me I look and act younger. Which I mostly like and sometimes dislike. I’d like to believe that when I’m 40, I’ll look and act like I’m 30. I guess we’ll have to see if that becomes true….

I have a very smart and loving man in my life. His name is ryan. we met at a concert on July 24 (i think) of 2007 in Seattle. he was touring with a D.J. and we met at the merchandise table. I bought something, asked for a picture with him and thought about him far too often for someone who was attached at the time. we connected again the following January except this time, nothing got in our way. we talked everyday and everyday I felt joy and happiness; which was the opposite of how I had felt the last year or more of my life. I moved to Los Angeles 6 months later and never looked back. I love our life together and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

I live on the out skirts of Los Angeles. It’s really strange to be living down here because I never thought I would live in, none the less even visit, SoCal. When I first moved down, I was a bit guarded and not anxious to venture out what-so-ever. I think I lived here for 6 months before I went somewhere by myself. I think it was the mall. It’ll be two years in June and I generally have most things figured out. It is also quite beautiful here. But beautiful in it’s own way. There aren’t many trees around but the clouds and sun look amazing almost every time the sun sets and rises and most times in between. I would say the best days to live here are September through May. Mostly warm and comfortable. We get very little rain but when it comes, I truly appreciate it. June through August is unbearable, though the beaches make it slightly more better.

That’s all for tonight. Next time, I’ll talk about our little adventure on finding a house pet.