busy bee


i’ve been quite the busy bee these last two weekends and i’m waking up feeling tired and needing a nap at 11am.

last weekend Ryan was away in Seattle working at Pax and i had to figure how to spend my long Labor Day weekend alone. well, it wasn’t too hard because Kelly and Morgan took me under their wing and basically babysat me all weekend. Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday night, too. Pool party, dancing and drinking. yikes. that was exhausting.

this weekend was a pleasant surprise because my good friend Kyle came out of the woodwork and decided to stop being a hermit. we had dinner on Friday night with him and his boyfriend Marcus, who is a nice, sweet and funny. Marcus chose this place called TART in west LA. their menu was amazing. we ordered their meals and just shared with everyone, family style; truffle mac and cheese, jambalaya pizza, sirloin steak with sweet potato fries, corn bread muffins, and i think i may have missed something. our neighboring table even shared their alligator appetizer that was really quite good. we joked and laughed and got to know Marcus. after leaving, we both expressed that we wanted to make this a regular thing, and i hope it becomes one.

last night, oh boy, was Kelly’s birthday… 80s style. i’m not very good at knowing what was in style during what decade but Ryan found me a hot pink sweatshirt and some ankle warmers. i cut the top of the sweatshirt to wear it slouched with a black skirt and Ryan found the most neon colored, hideous jacket ever…and wore it. it was truly amazing. Gina had the biggest teased hair i’ve ever seen with a great big pink bow. aw, such fun. as soon as some pictures start rolling in, i’ll post some. till then….nap time.


i wish i was so clever – via http://www.anastassia-elias.com/
anastassia elias

i want my hair to look like this – via The Dainty Squid
the dainty squid