Christmas was here


Ryan got home just in the nick of time. He has been gone for a week visiting a friend up in Oregon. I picked him up at the airport midnight Christmas day.

I’m so glad he’s back. I’ve missed him terribly. It’s quite lonely at home without him here.

We went to bed quite late that night so we slept until noon the following morning. Ryan made breakfast and then we settled on the couch to open presents. Some of my favorite things I was given were: a bracelet made by Ryan’s Mom, tickets to the Decemberists and a print of my favorite illustration by Sir Mitchell from Ryan, and a tee covered in colorful skulls from one of my favorite stores back home – fuego – from Rosa.

After opening presents, we snuggled up on the couch to catch up on TV shows we’d missed while Ryan was away.

It was a sweet and wonderful Christmas.