Dad’s visit to LA!


my dad’s first visit to see me in Los Angeles was this past weekend. his birthday was on Friday and he flew down on Saturday. i picked him up from LAX around noon and we battled traffic through downtown then finally up highway 2 to the 134. i pointed out the tallest building in LA – the US Bank tower. strangely, downtown proper isn’t as big as the the world thinks it is, but it’s beautiful in it’s own way.

before we came home, we stopped at Phillipe’s for lunch. their reviews are mixed but i really think their sandwiches are good, and not badly priced, either. combined with a lemonade and chocolate cream pie for dessert, it is really something to crave.

after a short rest, we traveled out to the infamous Galco’s Soda Pop Shop. dad didn’t think it was anything to write home about, but Ryan and i really enjoy picking out our favorites and new ones that we’re excited to try. for whatever reason, i get a kick out of trying as many root beers as i can. i grabbed 4 or 5 this time.

the Getty Museum has free parking after 5p on Saturdays, so we hit that up next. we arrived just after and pleasantly surprised to find fewer people than normal during this freebie time. taking the tram up to the top is beautiful and peaceful before reaching the top of the hill where the museum sits. my favorite exhibitions are the rotating photography exhibit – changes every 3-4 months – and the major exhibit – changes every month. this month’s major event was called Imagining the Past in France, 1250–1500. it was mostly old books from that time, highlighted with drawings and the beautiful calligraphy. to tell you the truth, this has been their dullest event that i’ve seen. last time was about Rembrandt’s school showing the difference of his actual work and that of his students. the photography exhibit highlighted Felico Beato. his photos were amazing and i wanted to take so much longer looking at each image and reading the little descriptions. last but not least, i always get to see my favorite – Claude Monet’s The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning. this time i got my picture taken with it.

the weekend he visited was actually “free week of museums in los angeles”; because of this we also chose to go to the Museum of Tolerance on Sunday. we walked through the main exhibit that quickly highlights the years of WWII and the holocaust. afterward, we heard a holocaust survivor speak for about an hour. i’m not going to go into the whole experience but it was very interesting even though some of it was hard to watch/hear.

that night my friend, Morgan, came over and we watched 127 hours. Morgan is my best friend down here and i was excited that Dad got to meet her.

Monday, i took Dad out to Hollywood Blvd to see the stars. we parked at the Hollywood & Highland Mall, and then walked up and down the street. as soon as we got into the mall, dad saw a celebrity. it was real adorable. he clapped and woohoo-ed and gave the guy a thumbs up. makes my smile every time i think about it. Dad didn’t seem to excited by the stars but we found some fun. we got tickets to the three silly museums on that strip — wax museum, guinness book of world records, and ripley’s believe it or not. they were a lot of fun and took lots of pictures. it was really fun running around excitedly saying “Dad! come on! lets go this way!” and laughing and smiling.

Tuesday, we just relaxed and chatted, then eventually took him to the airport. i’m still so happy that he came down and saw where i live and how beautiful it is (if you can get past the smog — which i’m not sure he did) and how much there is to do. Los Angeles is really a great place and i’ll miss it when we move.