alice has a conehead


Alice can be the sweetest, cutest, most amazing cat on the planet. but mostly, she’s a grumpy, whiny, cute little bugger. and we love her so very much no matter what kind of a mood she’s in. i think that’s why we have so many cuts and scars on our arms and hands. yesterday, we had our first scare with Alice. Ryan was packing for his trip to Denver (i will be meeting him out there on Thursday night), when it happened. we were playing with her on our bed using her favorite toy (it’s basically a fishing pole with a bunch of feathers at the end of a string instead of a hook). we both walked out of the bedroom and we left her alone with the toy. Ryan came back in first and noticed Alice was bleeding from her front inner leg. i rushed into the other room to see what happen but, unfortunately, we don’t really know what happen.

at this point, we were rushing around like crazy people. Ryan had to get to the airport and Alice had to get to the vet. turns out, vets aren’t really open Sunday nights but lucky for us, we have an After Hours Emergency Vet only 10 minutes away. Ryan shoved what he could into his backpack and we packed up Alice in her cardboard travel carrier (the one we got from the animal shelter). first, i dropped Ryan off and then Alice and i went the vet where we waited for 90 minutes.

at first glance, it didn’t seem busy. only one other pet and owner that was already seen with one reception lady, one male nurse and one male doctor. an hour later, another pet came in; english bulldog with a possible broken leg. all of sudden, all sorts of people came out of the wood work, 2 more nurses and another female doctor. there was a sign that said something about pets are seen in order of arrival except in the case of something life threatening and gave a list of those…nope, broken leg not on the list. i’m thinking, “i’ve been here an hour. he better not go in before Alice! a broken leg isn’t life threatening!!”

another 30 minutes later, it was our turn (before the bulldog). the nurse didn’t seem too concerned by her wound. she said it was a simple skin tear and they can patch her up no problem. they took her in back, gave her two staples and a cone and she was good to go. the bill came to $230, but it was well worth it. they were all very nice and were gentle with Alice. too bad for Alice, she has to keep the cone on for 10-14 days. that evening, she just laid around. i felt bad and hand fed some morsels of cat food. i watched I Love Lucy while she slept on my chest. when it was bed time, she slept on my pillow the whole night.

today, she is being more adventurous, but you see, she’s already a clumsy cat. she’s nearly fallen off of everything a dozen times, her cone is getting stuck on table legs, door ways, everything. i dumped her food out of her bowl onto the floor so she could get to it. poor girl.