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Ryan has been working for this e-commerce company for over a year now. They are based in Denver and Ryan works for them at home. Recently, they’ve expressed interest in Ryan moving to Denver and working with them at the office. Ryan and I are seriously considering it and we took a trip out there to have a look around. Ryan flew out last Sunday to work a full work week and I flew out there Thursday night after work.

When I arrived, it was late, and dark and cold. As usual, I was hungry. He took me to this pub right across from the hotel called The Bull & Bush Pub (yelp). We arrived just before the food cut off at 10p and they were really nice about getting our order in. on top of that, their burgers are amazing! well, the burger i ordered was amazing, The “Queen Mother” Burger. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Friday morning, it was snowing and beautiful and I was excited. It only snowed lightly and for a short time but I was happy about it. I met Ryan at the office and met his co-workers. some really cool people there. Ryan was really eager for me to try Las Tortas (yelp). He waited all week to eat there so he could take me on Friday. my first bite was the best! the flavor was spicy but nice, the steak was perfectly cooked to a nice crunch (do not read: overcooked) and the bread was buttered and toasted. It comes with a million condiments so you can pick and choose which ones to take off instead of paying more to add them on. if/when we move, I will come to this place often.

After lunch, I drove around for about three hours looking at neighborhoods and houses for rent. there are three neighborhoods where I am excited to possibly live there. First of the three neighborhoods, is about a 10 by 20 block area just south of City Park (where the Zoo is located!) encompassing Congress Park where there are tons of beautiful old brick houses and nearly no apartment buildings. It’s winter so nothing was green or blossoming or colorful, but come spring, I really think the neighborhood is going to flourish quite nicely. the Baker neighborhood is also on my list. it’s quite a bit smaller than City Park but gives off a small town, everyone knows everyone kind of feeling. not to mention, it’s very close to the freeway. Last but not least, the area surrounding Washington Park is really nice. There are more apartment buildings in that neighborhood but more options for newer (or very much older) buildings.

That night we went to a – what will become my favorite – barbecue spot called Sam Taylor’s BBQ (yelp). I ordered the pulled pork sandwich that was incredibly tasty. The meat was drenched in really dark barbecue sauce and the bread was buttered and toasted. We got baked beans, mac and cheese and cornbread for sides. The cornbread was far more superior than any cornbread i’ve had previously. Fucking delicious. The other sides were decent too.

Saturday, Ryan got this brilliant idea to visit the Denver Zoo! We were there for about 4 hours, slowly roaming the park and gazing at all the animals. I took a few pictures and absolutely loved every minute of it. Only one disappointment was that the Maned Wolf wouldn’t come out of his house. Definitely good reason to go back as soon as we have the chance. We even talked about becoming members…to the Zoo!! How incredible would that be?!

Sunday, we had brunch with Ryan’s boss and his wife before we left. They treated us to Steuben’s (yelp). They had – what I would call – a lengthy menu with so many good things on it. I finally narrowed in on the Cast Iron French Toast (caramel and granola). It was probably the most amazing french toast i’ve ever had. i mentioned during menu scouring time that I also wanted to try the biscuits and gravy so Jed ordered it a la cart. it had a hint of rosemary that really tickled my tongue. Ryan was quite impressed with his Monte Cristo as well. All in all, I was very happy with it except the waiting time was atrocious. So much that Ryan’s boss and wife took us on a field trip around the block to see what else they had in the area. That’s where we discovered Root Beer Milk at a local natural food store. we didn’t buy it because we were about to get on a plane but when I got back, my first mission will be to figure out where that store was…

Here is a map of the neighborhoods I mentioned – circled in grey – and the location of Ryan’s office – pink dot. (click to embiggen)

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