my colors


The first time I dyed my hair pink, I did it right on top of my light brown hair using Manic Panic’s Hot Hot Pink. I left it on for about 3 hours and it stayed pretty good for the first couple weeks but it faded fast after that and then there was a tinge of pink in my hair for the longest time. Eventually it all faded away…

Around Halloween 2010, I was ready to dye it again but not pink. Teal. And this time, I wanted to do it right. So, I bought a Bleach Kit. Ryan helped with the whole thing. The bleaching part was easy and it only needed to stay in for a total of 15 minutes or so. Ryan was little scared to get it on my skin so we had to go back in and bleach my roots near my ear and my widows peak. I didn’t hesitate at all putting in the color. I used ‘N Rage Twisted Teal and it was perfect! …for the first few weeks but it faded into this mint green type of situation. Not good.

Just before New Year’s, I was itching for a new color. As soon as I got down the hair dye aisle, I knew i had to have it: Plum Purple. So Ryan helped me again; we bleached the whole area again, twice actually (never ever bleach twice in one week! I didn’t know this until later) but the green would not come out. Oh well. Purple is darker so I assume it would cover with no problem. And it did.

It was super dark and wicked looking. It probably lasted just as long as the teal before it started changing the color but it took an unexpected turn. It turned blue and i think i liked it even more! About a week later, a few areas were still purple, most of it was blue and the tips were fading into the green. I was pretty excited about how cool the fade looked. Unfortunately, the colors were dull and my hair was dried up. Even though I was impressed with the fading, I dyed it dark purple again and left the dye even in longer hoping it will last longer. I guess we’ll have to wait and see!