QR codes


i’ve seen these more and more, and if you’re like me, i haven’t really grasped why they are so popular. in the interest of being savvy with these sorts of things, i wanted to figure out why people love them so much.

the first thing i did was make one of my own for growlingsteph.com. the excitement i got from this can only be described as geeky but i love it!

i created mine with the help of google. their url shortener is a one stop shop. not only do you get a much shorter url to share a link via twitter or SMS, but they also give you a qr code as well. brilliant! unfortunately, the image location to the qr code doesn’t end in .png or .jpg (or any of the others) so i had to download it before i could upload with an image extension, but hey…i’ll take it!

basically, i can put this image anywhere on the internet or in real life and people can capture the image with their phones and it will take them here. mission accomplished.

this kind of thing makes me so happy!