weekly finds #3

  1. some cute illustrations for a French children’s channel. they explain so much.
    [found the owner via tineye via an uncrediting website via stumbleupon …sigh]
  2. i don’t know what it is, but i’m loving all things cupcakes right now. check this out! (click for full image)
  3. since we’re on the topic of cupcakes now…i’m totally making these this weekend. if it’s successful, i may post some pictures.
  4. found some really cool wallpaper over at thefoxisblack.com. they’ve started a neat wallpaper project. cool stuff.
    [unfortunately, i can’t remember the source:(]
  5. i’m speechless looking at these. just wow. (click to embiggen)
  6. i love the idea and especially the treatment of this project.
    [via, source]