Monthly Recap: March


i just wanted to recap what i’ve been up to recently with a photo dump and here it be:

First day of March, Patrick Rothfuss‘ new book, The Wise Man’s Fear came in the mail.

Ryan took me to to Melting Pot for the first time ever. It was so much fun! Here is a picture of our dessert – white chocolate creme brulee.

We had friends come over and we all made dinner together. Also, i love 3 men in the kitchen.

We spent a week in Florida. While down there, Ryan’s cousin took us up in his plane.

While in Florida, we also went to the Zoo where a giraffe stole my whole bamboo branch with his huge tonge.

The flight from Florida had a nice view of the sky.

Ryan and I baked one weekend. These are Ryan’s plumpy strawberry cake muffins, hahaha!

We saw the Decemberists live for a mini-concert for the Jimmy Kimmel Show. We had to wait 3 times longer than the length of the concert. (This hasn’t yet aired on TV)

First time in a long time that my friend Morgan and I had a ladies night.

I think that sums up the month of March. I very much enjoyed the week in Florida with Ryan’s family and I believe that was the highlight for March for me.

update: here is the video to The Decemberists concert we went to for Jimmy Kimmel