root beer review


Ryan and i have been going to galco’s for a while now and every time we go, i pick out 3 or 4 root beers to try. and i every time i go back, i forget which ones were my favorites and which ones i absolutely hated. one time, i bought a bad one a second time by accident because of my forgetfulness. hopefully, these posts will help me remember.

a couple weeks ago, we visited a friend that lives down the block from galco’s so we couldn’t resist stopping by. the only problem was, the next day we were leaving for Florida for a week. but we’re back and settled down and i had time to taste each one and think about what i’m going to say. well, here we go…

root beer number one: Squamscot Old Fashioned Root Beer. looking at the label, i’m impressed that this company was established in 1863 because this root beer was nothing special. first taste was decent. no after taste, no extreme flavors, nothing to complain about. on the second taste is when i realize how much this one actually failed. one of my first thoughts was “is this flat?” i like a good amount of it to quench a thirst and this root beer quenched nothing. i sipped it slowly through dinner and while watching a tv show. by the time i got to the last third, it was wasn’t that cold and it remind me of warm, flat coke. no bueno. all in all, it’s not gross and if you’re craving root beer, it has the general flavor but not worth a $1.69 (of Ryan’s money). if i had to give this one a grade, i’d give it a D. below average, nothing special.

next up, Boylan Root Beer. this one wasn’t boring at all and quite opposite of the previously tried Sqamscot Root Beer. there is a really nice simmering aftertaste and the initial bite is sweet and a little spicy. Ryan thinks there may have been a hint of cinnamon but i couldn’t taste it. it does have a unique punch to it. i thought it may have been the yucca extract but their website gives credit to a rich and flavorful sassafras. additionally, there was a prefect amount of bubbly to smooth out all the flavors. overall, i’d give it a B+. it’s not the best i’ve had but i liked it and would buy it again.

second to last, Kutztown Root Beer. this one reminds me of the Boylan but not as good. the carbonation gives more of a punch which i’m a fan of, though the actual flavor is a bit bland. the after taste is a bit watered down too. there’s really not much to tell about this one. i drank almost the whole thing in only a few minutes and i would give all that credit to the carbonation. all in all, average C+.

now this one is definitely the odd one out of the bunch – Bundaberg Root Beer, made in Australia. first sip, it tasted brewed and they say it’s a brewed root beer but it tastes like beer and i don’t like beer. the second sip was better but no matter how many times after that, it doesn’t get better than that. the smell of it is nice and the actually flavor is root beer but it’s not like any of the others i’ve ever had. also, it kind of feels like the carbonation is still on my tongue long after i’ve swallowed my sip. this is definitely one i’ll never buy again. the ingredients for this root beer includes ginger root (i think helps gives it that beer zing i dislike so much), sarsaparilla root and licorice root (i’m pretty sure i don’t like licorice root). normally, this is how i choose: a. it says root beer and i get excited, b. does it look familiar?, c. nope? then i buy it; yes? then i ask Ryan if it looks familiar. this is a lesson for me to look at the label for ingredients from now on. i drank a third of the root beer and that was it. i give this one a F+. not god awful but not even average tasting (in what i expect and love out of root beer). i know i’m partial because of the whole beer thing but this is my blog. get your own.