Monthly Recap: April


Spring is here! In Los Angeles, Spring is the best because it’s warm and beautiful, and the flowers really open up to make everything look colorful and lush. As soon as get into Summer, I don’t notice any of these things because being outside is like torture. I go from our semi-cool apartment to the car where I blast the A/C on super-max-mighty coldest of colds and back.

The first week of April, my sister came down to visit to celebrate her 16th birthday, March 27th. She has grown up to be a beautiful girl but to be completely honest, we just don’t get along. I don’t if it’s the 11 year age gap or the opposite personalities but whatever it is, that’s a whole other story. We ran around and did a lot of things like had some amazing Thai food, checked out the Hollywood sign, shopped, watched lots of TV (what else do teenagers do?) and other random things. We also got together with our older brother, DJ, in Montana and did some web chatting. It was a long and exhausting week. From there, the rest of the month flew by…

One of the most exciting things…We visited one of our favorite authors, Patrick Rothfuss, at a book signing!

We finally got back this beauty from the frame store.

We hosted our first Easter. Usually we spend holidays alone, but this was nicer. Our friend Marcus joined us, who is from the South and doesn’t have any family nearby. Morgan’s family traveled up to San Francisco and, unfortunately, she couldn’t go because of work. Kelly’s husband worked so she was by herself also. I feel like it was a easter of orphans (and I say that endearingly). After the food, we played one of my favorite games, BANG! and the night was over before I knew. I love having friends over and playing games. It’s the best.

In April, we made a habit of visiting the Gill ‘Em All Truck that parks in Eagle Rock every Tuesday with our friend Natalie. After getting our burgers, we have a spot on some stairs we post up nearby while we indulge. While I go for the not so surprising plain cheeseburger covered in BBQ sauce, Ryan always gets the Dee Snider aka Peanut Butter Jelly burger with bacon (menu). Sounds crazy but he love it!

I’ve been going to acupuncture since my car accident back in December and most recently, he been working on my jaw to get it back in line (it got knocked out of place and has been super painful). Finally, I snagged a picture of myself with the needles.

The last day in April, we headed out to Phoenix. Ryan’s grandparents live there in the winter and Ryan’s mom and cousin were visiting so we thought we’d make a thing of it. I love road trips and Phoenix is about a 5 hour drive; not bad at all. His grandparents have a fickle but pretty bird named Peaches. She came over to me a few times but wouldn’t let me touch her – which I so badly wanted to do! We also went to one of the largest swap meets I’ve ever witnessed and found an amazingly large array of Mexican Wrestling masks. I also have a friend, Nickey, that lives just north of Phoenix that I was really excited to see. I met up with her for dinner and we chatted for a good 4 hours. She is someone I wish I lived closer to. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a picture of us which makes me sad! The very last thing we did before we left was go to Black Bear Diner for breakfast with everyone and I ordered the Cinnamon French Toast. It was amazing!