coming around more often


I’ve talked a little bit about Alice when we first got her but for those who don’t know, Alice was about 8 months old when we adopted her from the animal shelter so she already formed her attitude and personality before we met her. Unfortunately for us, she was a feisty one. We don’t know much of her history or previous owners, only that she was left in a box in front of the shelter. Since then, we’ve loved her like crazy but she never really seemed fond of us. She likes to be near us at all times but she normally doesn’t cuddle or sit on our laps. We’ve had her for over a year now and I finally feel like she’s coming around more often. She’ll sit in a laps for a short period of time, or nudge us to pet her or, for a bit, she was sleeping on my pillow with me.

On the day I took these pictures (March 23rd), Ryan was ecstatic about her coming over and plopping down on him. Although it only lasted a minute and then she was gone.

She even came and snuggled under my blanket! (excuse my crazy hair!)

I wish she would visit even more but I’ll take what I can get!