date night!


As half of a couple that lives together, I can confidently tell you: not every night is date night. Some outsiders may think that all time spent together is like a date, but this is not true. There are certain moments where I feel extra special and one of those few times is when we go out and call it a date. We do go out for dinners often but, for whatever reason, these are not dates. The only difference between going out to dinner and a “date” is when we (or just me) call it a date. Other than that, there is no difference. These date nights don’t happen very often and I believe that’s why they are special.

Just this last week, Ryan and I had “date night”. We went to this German sausage place called Wurstkuche Restaurant (yelp). A couple months ago, Ryan’s friend Natalie took him there and when he came home, he told me all about it and how he was excited to take me there. There setup is kinda strange but it works for them. You order first, they give you a number and then find a seat in a cafeteria-like area (but nicer). Some short time later they serve the best sausage you will ever have. They look to have a huge variety of beer but Ryan and I don’t drink beer so we had to pass at being amazed in that aspect.

For those who don’t know: I am a carnivore. I was very excited to get me some sausage. Their menu is all over the board, from am exotic snake and rabbit sausage (Natatlie’s favorite) to classic pork bratwurst. We both got something in the middle; a sweet pork sausage for me and mango jalapeño sausage for Ryan and fries to share. Soooo good on both account! They also have four different kinds of mustard on their tables and I was even so brave to try one and actually like it.

As we were walking back to the car, I noticed something about the huge brick warehouse we parked across the street from… I blogged about this guy a little while back!! Check it out here (#3). Inside they were having Street Art week or something, I can’t remember the name now. We roamed around inside and found Scribe and Philip Lumbang’s Hug Life Collection. Super neat thing to see on a whim.

After that, we went home and do what we always do: snuggle on the couch watching TV. Great ending to a great night.