American McGee’s Alice game and art show


Today, American McGee’s Alice 2: Madness Returns is released and I’m very impatiently waiting for my copy!!

To celebrate the the release of the game and the launch of the Alice 2 store, an Art Show was hosted at Gallery 1988:LA last week. And I had the pleasure of going.

Wednesday night was the private party. Because of this, it was packed full of people. American Mcgee – creator of the game – made appearances both nights. I was geeking out too much to have an actual conversation but he’s a very nice man (and also very tall). Ken Wong – Art Director of the Alice 2 – was there as well. I actually got the chance to talk to him quite a bit. He’s originally from Australia and has been living in Shanghai since the creation of the game started to take place. Both of these gentleman signed the Alice Art Book, and lucky us, we got our hands on a copy.

Quite a few artists were commissioned to create pieces inspired by the game. One of them was Ken Wong. This was very neat because he created an image (Alice Phantasmagoria) he wanted to use in the game, though it didn’t fit the aesthetic, he got to display it here. In his piece, the wall behind Alice is my favorite thing with all of the plaques and character detail. Another artist, Kevin Tong, submitted a colorful piece of Alice shaking hands with the Gryphon called Adventures First…Explanations take Such a Dreadful Time. We loved this piece so much, we brought home a print. I can’t wait to get it framed and figure out the perfect spot to hang it. Additionally, Mike Shinoda (the lead singer of Linkin Park) was present and contributed to the show as well with a large street art take on Alice.

EA was nice enough to lend out Alice: Madness Returns for a couple of hours during the art show. Excitedly, I hogged one of the consoles for at least an hour. It is so much fun to play! Unfortunately, we won’t be getting the game today, but soon!

Photographed by Phillip Gadrow

The second night was open to the public but, surprisingly yet relieving, it wasn’t as crowded. Ryan and I even made cookies accompanied by an “Eat Me” sign. I also got a behind the scenes look at the gallery that I may post pictures of later.

Photographed by Phillip Gadrow

UPDATE: Amercian McGee did an amazing Q&A via livestream today. Here is a link to see the reply.

UPDATE 2: Here’s a video about American’s McGree’s Alice and the Art Show. Here’s a still shot of me at the 2:30 mark. As you can tell by my open mouth, I was very much into the game.