denver, here we come! but first….


Remember back in February when Ryan and I took a trip to Denver? Well…we can finally sigh with relief because we are moving there!

Denver Zoo feeding lorikeets[This was taken at the Denver Zoo and I’m feeding the Lorikeets. I just want to point out my amazing blue nails and that gorgeous purple hair! I miss it!! And the owl ring I lost at the LAX airport:( </minirant>]

We have been putting it off for all these months for a couple different reasons but the number one reason was my car accident. I don’t want to dive into the details of the accident but, basically, I needed many months of treatment and if we moved to Denver right away, it would have been unlikely for me to have health benefits that would cover me as well as my current one did. We put the move off until I had completed my treatment and released by my doctor. Finally, all that is done with and we can move on with our life.

Since we aren’t in a rush to get there and I don’t have a job, we thought we would take advantage of the opportunity and have a fun summer! Ryan’s parents live in Florida (we visited them back in April and mentioned it in my Monthly Recap) so we thought we would visit them for the summer. They live within driving distance of Disney World(!!!), they have a pool, and they are the most hospitable pair on the planet!

frog on window[I took this at Ryan’s parent’s house in Florida. It just jumped up on their window and was quick enough to get this picture of the tiny frog.]

The first concern we had is Alice. The airplane ride would be difficult as well as having a new home for a short period of time, but we think the time with his family is worth some of the short term issues we may have with Alice. If anyone with a pet that has done something like this, please let me know how you handled it.

Alice the cat in the window sill[I took this picture today of Alice. It’s really warm but there’s a great breeze coming in the kitchen window that Alice is loving.]

Another thing we have to think about is storing our items (and car) for the time that we’ll be in Florida and then getting them moved. I’ve looked into a lot of the companies that have portable units that they bring to your house. You fill them up, they take it away, and then delivery it to the new house. These options seem pretty easy and also pretty expensive. I’m not really sure what other options we have. Which means I have a lot more research to do, and many lists to make!!

Here’s to our summer in Florida!

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  1. Mike and Linda

    Hurry on down, we are looking forward to your visit. I’m sure that everything will work out just fine, Alice and Simba may even get along, he’s chasing a golf ball all around the house tonight. He had a small tennis ball he played with but he has somehow managed to lose it in the house???

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