happy father’s day, Dad


I am a very lucky girl. I have two great men in my life. One I talk about all the time and the other is my Father.

I know that I don’t really talk about him here (except for this one time), but he means the world to me. There was a time when our relationship wasn’t so good but we’ve both grown older and wiser, and realized how stupid we’ve been. Without writing an autobiography here and now, I’ll tell you that my parents were divorced when my brother and I were barely in Kindergarten and we lived full time with our Mother. Because he lived in another state (us in Washington and him in Montana), we only spent a couple weeks in the summer and every other Christmas with our Father. So this meant we didn’t really get to know each other well.

Fast forward a while, to a time where I really needed a support system in my life. And to be honest, I didn’t really expect him to fill that role. But he did. Since then, we talk all the time. He knows everything that goes on in my life. He gives me advice, he listens to my frustrations and goals, and he helps me overcome my spontaneous fits madness.

I wish I had more pictures of him and me together, but I had a hard drive crash on me a couple years ago and I lost all the good stuff – about 10,000 pictures in all. Despite this catastrophe, I was able to find a couple pictures.

I’m with my Dad and Brother just after I was born, still living in Germany.

This was from a family reunion back in the summer of 2006.