Monthly Recap: May


Wow! I’m trying to think of everything that happened in May and it was quite a lot! Oh boy….

May 4th, I got the news that the place I work went bankrupt. They filed for chapter 7 and I had one hour to collect my things and get out. Such a weird feeling. I mostly enjoyed my job working in e-commerce, more than any other job I’ve ever had. And letting it go without any control over it was really strange. Since my accident on December 19th, I haven’t been working full time and lately, I’d only been working 12 hours a week, so going from 12 hours to 0 hours wasn’t really a huge adjustment. But it’s strange knowing that I can’t go back. After that, many, many hours of resume creation/editing ensued followed by half hearted job hunting. I wish I was creative and could make something amazing and not have to go to work. I want my home to be my workplace. Sigh…

On a more positive note, with all my free time, May was a huge beauty month for me. I’m not really into dressing up or putting on make up or doing my hair but because I have the time, why not? I have painted and repainted by nails at least once a week. Redyed my hair the pinkest I could possible get it. I bought a curling iron and curled my hair! Took the time to put on make-up more than a couple times. I think I’m liking it more and more. Eeek! In the top left picture, I used Sally Hansen Salon Effects and used the OPI Black Shatter on top of pink and teal polish to achieve the other looks.

It was also my birthday this month! We did so many things to celebrate. The actual weekend of my birthday, we drove down to San Diego and stayed there over night with a friend that lives there. We drank, played pool, and ate a lot. Both Chick-fil-a and Phil’s BBQ (this bbq place is even more amazing than the place I talked about in Denver) are always on the list when we visit San Diego. The Monday following, we went to a live taping of the Ellen Show. That was such a blast. Lots of dancing! Later that week, Ryan and I went on a double date to the Melting Pot with our friends Matt and Gina. Our meal went like this: dessert fondue, cheese fondue, dessert fondue. It was the most amazing meal I think I’ve ever had. And just recently, I received the most amazing belated Red Velvet cupcake from my friend Kyle.

A long while back, Ryan’s friend told him about the Brand Library. He said it was old and cool and that was about all we knew about it. Finally, we went and checked it out. And wow! It was amazing. It is the Art and Music section of the Glendale Public Library. It is a really neat place; basically there are a bunch of small rooms connected by small hallways. It kinda feels like an old house that had every room renovated into a library room. I rented a DVD called Between the Folds and Ryan rented a couple books on Caravaggio and a couple of CDs.

Last but not least, we went to the Zoo with our friends Kyle and Marcus. I love the zoo and was so very excited. In all the time we have lived in Los Angeles, we have never been to the LA Zoo. If you look closely in the picture of us below, you can see a sleeping bear in the back. He did not want to come out and play. Two animals I’ve never seen before are the Island Fox and the Gerenuk. The island foxes are grey and red and only grow to be about 30lbs. The Gerenuks have strangely long, skinny legs and necks and enormous ears. The only male in the picture below has the horns. Unfortunately, the LA Zoo wasn’t as nice as I’d hoped. The Denver and Jacksonville Zoos are both nicer. We have discussed that when we move to Denver, a Zoo membership will be mandatory!