tattoo ideas

Yann Black Your Meat is Mine

I am a wuss. First and foremost. But I can’t be alone in feeling nervous about something as permanent as a tattoo. Whatever you choose is going to be there for ever (I’ve heard tattoo removal is extraordinarily painful so I’m ruling that out as an option). Above all that, I am sure that I want one.

The big question: What do I want? I’ve spent at least the past 5 years asking myself this question. So far, nothing has inspired me enough to run out and do it. However, there are couple of artists that do make me excited.

Yann Black, aka Your Meat is Mine, is absolutely amazing with his geometric inspired designs.
Yann Black Your Meat is MineYann Black Your Meat is Mine

Scott Campbell does scripts insanely well and everything he does is precise and beautiful.
Scott Campbell tattoo - featherScott Campbell tattoo - bird

Amanda Wachob is crazy brilliant! I found her a long while back (my browser says I bookmarked her March of 2009), and have never forgotten. When Design Sponge featured her on their blog, I was excited to see her again. I had nearly forgotten about her (who goes back and looks at their bookmarks anyway?) and so excited to see what new work she has added to her portfolio since the last time I looked.
Amanda Wachob abstract tattoo

Aren’t those tattoos simply gorgeous?! But still, what do I want? Ugh.