weekly finds #7


  1. This website is everything anyone has ever wanted and more (in cuteness)!!
  2. Feature in the New York Times about the relationship between the lemmings that crawl across the tundra and the white owls that hunt them from above. Here is a snowy owl chick getting weighed in.
  3. Liza Corbett‘s most recent collect, The Summer-Land, is on display at the Blackbird Attic in New York.
  4. Without further ado, The Period Table of Typefaces (click to embiggen)
  5. In one short hour, I discovered Kurt Halsey, looked through his online profile and bought three of his prints/pieces.
  6. Super heroes + arts & crafts = Paper Heroes! Just brilliant!
  7. These 8-bit images from Michael Myers are amazing!
    [source, via]
  8. Oh look, another baby animal. Baby cheetah with his RAD mohawk!