weekly finds #15


  1. This cute pup needs new knees:( check out her tumblr and fall in love!
  2. I’ve been attempting to do a really cool 404 page and found this guy.
    iconfinder 404 page
  3. The use of space is clever and amazing!
    clever use of space - drawers understairs
  4. I would love to visit the Jim Henson exhibit. If only it were closer.

  5. I am a fan of Shepard Fairy and am always glad to see photos of him in action.
    shepard fairy lotus
  6. Best woman’s costume I’ve seen so far from all the photos I’ve seen from the San Diego Comic Con.
    meagan marie two face sdcc
  7. Christian Jackson created these beautiful minimalist posters for children’s stories.
    christian jackson alice in wonderland poster

Sunday Secret fave


My bestfriend from California, Morgan – aka Little Miss Fickle – came up with the idea to post our favorite secret from the weekly Sunday Secrets from www.PostSecret.com. We both love Post Secret and follow the website religiously and are fans of their books as well.

This is my favorite secret this week because I’m not really sure what I was “born to do” but I can’t wait until I feel this way too!

postsecret the city bakery

My Top 6 favorite WordPress plugins


Here is a list of my top 6 favorite plugins that I’ve learned to love. I have only been experimenting with WordPress(.org) itself and it’s plugins for a short time so if you know of an amazing plugin, or maybe one that’s easier or looks better than what I have already, I want to hear about it.

My Favorite WordPress Plugins

  1. Broken Link Checker – This has saved me from unknowingly promoting links that don’t work. The most common links, for me, that become broken are YouTube videos. For whatever reason, people are deleting their videos left and right, but this plugins makes it super easy to fix them. And during the time that the link is down, it puts a strike-through in the text indicating the link no longer works.
  2. Embedly – This makes it super easy to embed videos (from anywhere) in addition to most anything else. All I do is paste the link into the post and it is embedded on my site. It embeds Tweets, Google Maps, XKCD comics, anything!

    [My lovely learning experience of living in Florida. Yikes!]
    [Where we have been vacationing with the in-laws this summer.]

    [My favorite XKCD comic ever!]

  3. Link Within – This is really cool because it automatically links to similar stories from within your blog and suggests them. I love this because when I’m reading other blogs, I get really into a DIY post or daily outfit posts, and this plugin will suggest others just like it. I hope my readers appreciate that too.
  4. WPtouch – This make your blog super easy to navigate if your reader is checking out your blog from their mobile device. I often feel frustrated by websites that are too big for my little phones screen and am glad I have this life saver in place. The only catch is that it’s a general template with a few options like background image and date icon but none of your hard earned blog designing with show up. It’s one of those give and take kind of things.

    growlingstehp.coAm mobile sit
  5. Wickett Twitter Widget – I have installed and un-installed many a twitter plugins. And even still this plugin has it’s flaws but it’s what I have settled with because it’s the best I’ve seen so far with functionality and looks (I’m a minimalist).
  6. Editorial Calendar – This is probably my favorite plugin I’ve found recently because I can’t live without my google calendar and now I have a WordPress calendar right in my dashboard. Love it!

Although these six are my favorites and I couldn’t live without them, I currently have 22 plugins installed (20 active, 2 inactive) so here is the complete list:

amr events calendar
Broken Link Checker
Collapsible Archive Widget
Contact Form 7
FeedBurner FeedSmith
Feed Subscriber Stats
Google Analytics for WordPress
I Like This
Strictly Auto Tags
Tag List Widget
Thank Me Later
Twitter Mentions as Comments
Twitter Tools
Wickett Twitter Widget
WordPress Editorial Calendar
WordPress Hashcash

I love talking about this stuff so if you have a second, please let me know what your favorite plugins are.

Fall TV shows


I don’t know about you, but I love watching TV. Ryan and I snuggle up on our couch in the evenings and watch our shows. I seriously consider this quality time together.

New Shows – I normally don’t get excited about new shows because I feel we are watching too many at one time but I will definitely make room for these this Fall.


The Secret Circle


Returning Shows – This Fall there are a few shows that I’m really excited are coming back and can’t wait for another season. Continue reading