I have this handy dandy app on my computer called Cheese (it’s similar to Photobooth on macs). I apologize in advance for these photos because the resolution is really terrible so I almost never use it but whenever Alice comes to visit me at my desk, it’s the easiest way to take a picture without spooking her.

Stephanie and Alice [This was taken just a couple months after we got her. She was about 9 months old here. Also, my computer chair was a love sofa for about 2 years but had to upgrade after my car accident. Super cozy but super bad for my back.]

Stephanie and Alice + cone[Here she this past February with a cone. She got into some trouble and somehow got a skin tear.]

Stephanie and Alice [I was bribing her with treats to come sit on my lap. She’s easy like that.]

Stephanie and AliceStephanie and Alice[Alice was very social this day. She kept coming up on my lap and on the arm rests.]

Stephanie and AliceStephanie and AliceStephanie and Alice[I moved my laptop to the couch for a couple weeks and Alice loves sitting on the computer.]

Stephanie and Alice[And here we are today. I think Alice is confused about my desk setup because I’m not at our desk at home but she came to visit me anyway.]