day at the park

Spring Park

Spring Park

Today, we had lunch with some of Ryan’s family members that live nearby, after all, that’s why we’re here. And they’re all so nice! Afterwards we went to Spring Park and enjoyed the view.

Excuse me for my inconsistent array of pictures. I was using two new camera apps for my phone in addition to the stock camera.

These I look with Molome. It’s basically instagram for android. You take the picture, choose what filter you like best then upload and share.

Spring Park - Stephanie
Spring Park Trees
Spring Park - Family Bridge View

These I took with Action Snap. It takes 4 quick pictures in a row. Really cool but I wish the resolution was better.

Spring Park Swings - Ryan backflip
Spring Park Swings
Spring Park Swings

These last guys were taken with the stock camera.

Spring Park - Tree Clim
Spring Park - Jungle Gym

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