So. Much. Art!

Notcot Leontine Greenbery @ Gallery 1988

Alex Pardee Gallery 1988 Crazy 4 Cult Poster

Ryan and I had a blast visiting the 1988 galleries – one in LA and the other in Venice – this weekend. The LA location was hosting their 5th annual Crazy 4 Cult art show. They commissioned 100 artists to create a piece inspired by their favorite cult movie. The Venice location hosted a solo show for Leontine Greenberg – one of my all time favorite artists.

Joey Spiotto Dr. Horrible @ Gallery 1988's Crazy 4 CultJeff Boyes "Helltrack" Rad @ Gallery 1988's Crazy 4 Cult
Leontine Greenberg "Hello, Mr. Skeksis" Dark Crystal @ Gallery 1988 Crazy 4 Cult[click to embiggen]

Friday night was the opening reception for Crazy 4 Cult. We arrived a little late but didn’t have to wait too long to get inside (there were a few who got in line 6 hours prior, yikes). Before we even had a chance to look at 15% of the art, Ryan glanced around the room, spotted a few pieces he was already set to buy and got in line. And it was a good thing because everything was selling out fast. We grabbed Joey Spiotto’s “Sing Along With Dr. Horrible” and Jeff Boyes’ “Helltrack” inspired by Rad. Unfortunately, one of the pieces we actually wanted to buy the original of was sold out – Leontine Greenberg’s “Hello, Mr. Skeksis” inspired by Dark Crystal. Though we were assured that prints would be produced for this piece (thank goodness because we want it sooo badly!). Just as I thought we were ready to go, some guy commented on Ryan’s shirt saying that he liked it. Ryan responded by asking him if he was the artist who made “Helltrack” and he said yes! Here is Ryan with Jeff Boyes-

Jeff Boyes Helltrack (Rad) @ Gallery 1988

Saturday, we attend the opening night of Leontine Greenberg’s solo show. I’ve never before had the privilege to see her artwork in person and I was very excited to see it. Leontine was there as well and I became awkward and tongued tied and giddy while I was trying to talk to her but at least I got a photograph with her-

Leontine May Greenberg @ Gallery 1988:Venice took amazing pictures of her pieces (much better than I did) so please check those out.

Notcot Leontine Greenbery @ Gallery 1988

Sunday, Gallery 1988 had about 40 artists come and do a signing. We bought the Crazy 4 Cult book to have them sign and sooo glad we did because it has amazing pieces from previous year’s Crazy 4 Cult.

Gallery 1998's Crazy 4 Cult signing[Photo courtesy of G1988 – Ryan is in the black Rad tee front and center.]


It was a very busy weekend and now it’s back to business with organizing, packing and cleaning. We are leaving on a red eye Wednesday night, and the apartment has to be packed up and cleaned by then. Oh boy…. I think Alice is a little worried about why the house is a mess but I think she’s having fun jumping around to all the boxes. Here is a sneak peek of our living room right now-

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    • Stephanie

      Hi Cameron,

      I am looking forward to the Dark Crystal print but still disappointing it’s not the original. And to be honest, I don’t own the original of anything so I thought this was gonna be my treasure piece! grrr!

      And thank you! I’m in such a weird place in my life being a jobless cat lady, and technically homeless (as of yesterday), might as well put it out in the world. haha!


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