Florida, we have arrived.

Sky and Clouds from AA plane

Sky and Clouds from AA plane

We arrived in Florida yesterday after two days of non-stop moving and packing into a POD. The second day of these two days, we had to leave for the airport just after 9p in order to check-in Alice at the airport counter. We did a terrible job of planning and barely threw our stuff in the storage container and left. There were only a handful of people in line behind us before they closed off the line for checking bags and animals. Whew! Close one. Ryan and I have great friends that came over to help – Kyle and Marcus on the first day, Matt and Gina on the (very, very long) second day. Without them, we would not have made our flight. And an extra shout out to Gina for not only driving us to the airport in record time but taking care of the mess we were forced to leave at our old apartment.

Glendale apartment[This was our front door the last 3 years. I will think of our time together there fondly.]

It’s strange to think that I don’t live there anymore. I’ve lived there for 3 years and just recently I’ve referred to LA as “home” a couple times and I immediately doubted myself for saying it. Normally, when I refer to home I am talking about Washington. Just something I have thought about these last few days.

Glendale, CA[During my first trip to visit Ryan in Socal, he took me to the highest point he could drive to in Glendale to show me where my new home will be. This is Glendale in the foreground and Los Angeles proper in the background.]

After we got on the plane, with Alice in hand, I took a huge sigh of relief and settled in for the 5 hour flight. I was very concerned about Alice on the plane but I did a lot of research. We booked our flight on the plane with the largest under-the-seat storage for Alice and bought a comfortable animal carrier. I was a little nervous during take-off but slept the rest of the time.

As soon as we landed, the automatic doors opened and it hit me: the humidity. I’ve been told about the humidity and warned several times how thick it can be but I just didn’t believe it until I felt it.

Sleeping Alice[Alice and I fell asleep during our 3 hour drive from Orlando to Jacksonville.]

The first night, we were greeted with a rain and thunderstorm. I haven’t experienced a thunderstorm since my dad shoved my brother and I, at the age of 10 or 12 or so, into the truck and drove us to a flat, treeless clearing. We huddled together, all three of us in the front seat watching the storm in awe. And I was in awe again last night. And a little scared too. And I caught it on video.

[At the 00:03 mark, you can see me jump. Yikes, it was loud!]