weekly finds #15


  1. This cute pup needs new knees:( check out her tumblr and fall in love!
  2. I’ve been attempting to do a really cool 404 page and found this guy.
    iconfinder 404 page
  3. The use of space is clever and amazing!
    clever use of space - drawers understairs
  4. I would love to visit the Jim Henson exhibit. If only it were closer.

  5. I am a fan of Shepard Fairy and am always glad to see photos of him in action.
    shepard fairy lotus
  6. Best woman’s costume I’ve seen so far from all the photos I’ve seen from the San Diego Comic Con.
    meagan marie two face sdcc
  7. Christian Jackson created these beautiful minimalist posters for children’s stories.
    christian jackson alice in wonderland poster

2 thoughts on “weekly finds #15

  1. Oh man! The Jim Hensen exhibit was in Chicago the last time I was there and I managed to FORGET about it and I missed it! I kicked myself forever!

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