monthly recap: August


We are still in Florida staying with Ryan’s parents. And boy! do I just love it here! I’m bummed we are leaving in a couple of days although I’m pretty darn excited about decorating our new place in Denver and discovering amazing restaurants!!

August began tragically for me. My best guy friend from California, Kyle, died at the young age of 24. I took an unexpected trip back to Los Angeles for the funeral. Kyle was such a loving friend and beautiful person. It’s hard to believe he’s gone. At the funeral, I turned to his amazing boyfriend, Marcus, and said “This is the closest we’ll ever be to him again.” He turned to me and very optimistically said “Only physically.” That’s the truth because he will always be in my heart.

steph and kyle at LA Zoo[Here is Kyle and I at the LA Zoo at the end of May.]

On the other hand, it was wonderful spending time with Marcus, Gina, Morgan and Kelly while I was there.

steph and marcus

I spent many, many hours last month searching for places to rent and jobs in Denver. We did find an amazing place and I am eager to unpack all of my stuff.

I have discovered some delicious and questionable foods.

key lime mustardblueberry crumble breadstrawberry and original fluffpopeye spinachIHOP Stuffed French ToastBioled Peanuts

To be real honest, we did a lot of lounging around. And it was nice.

steph and family making bracelets[Linda and I making bracelets.]

It was interesting and funny to watch Alice get acquainted with Simba and Maia.

We went antiquing in Riverside and found this wonderful jewelry designer. The only thing “antique” item I bought was this super cute deer pin.

antique deer pin

SeaWorld was a dream! Here is some video I took on my phone during the Shamu show. (Turn the volume way down for this video.)

Last but certainly not least, I haven’t seen one of my all-time favorite sodas – Mello Yello – on tap for at least 10 years. I took advantage at every opportunity.

Mello Yello on tap

I am very sad to leave this wonderful safe haven of family and relaxation but eager and anxious to explore Denver and make it my new home.

Movies I watched:
Something Borrowed – This movie is cute and funny, and has one of my fave actresses, Kate Hudson, it in. Also, this is the only movie where it was okay that the ending wasn’t necessarily happily ever after.
Rio – I am a sucker for birds and animated movies so watching this guy made me pretty happy.
Get Low – This movie had an unusual story line and was slow in some spots, but overall, I enjoyed this movie quite a bit.
Water for Elephants – I read the book and gave it a rating of “it was okay” – 2 stars. The book was better than the movie.
The Help – I have to admit: this movie was better than the trailer led me to believe. p.s. I love Emma Stone.

TV Shows:
Battlestar Galactica – This show premiered in 2004 but we’re just now getting to it. The 2 part premier was awesome and could have been a movie with all of the excitement. Very excited about seeing the rest of the series.

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