Monthly Recap: July


July has been quite the month for excitement and fun and friends and family. The first two weeks we tried to spend as much time with friends as possible while also trying to get organized and packed to move all of our belongings into a POD to live there during our vacation in Florida.

We spent the 4th of July at Morgan’s where she cooked us an incredible meal and made yummy drinks.
4th of July

We had a great time at Gallery 1988 for Crazy 4 Cult and Leontine Greenberg.
Leontine May Greenberg exhibit at Gallery 1988

I visited one of my favorite store, Wacko, for possibly the last time. Their website is a little janky but their store is amazing. They sell books (about 4-5 aisles), figurines, novelty toys, tees and hoodies, and have a gallery section. Lots of fun stuff. I always spend money when I go there. This last visit I bought a tee with a skull on the front, a moleskine journal and temporary finger mustache tattoos.

Our POD was delivered on the 12th and we spent two days stuffing the 16 footer to the brim. Our apartment was quite the mess!
POD delivery

Alice was pretty freaked out and hiding in every box, under every piece of furniture, basically hiding everywhere. When we were finally ready to leave for the airport, we couldn’t find her and it was quite a scare:( I thought we accidentally packed her!
Alice in a drawer

After landing in Florida, we had a 3 hour drive to Jacksonville from Orlando. Alice and I slept most of the the trip.
sleeping in the car

We met up with Ryan’s family to have lunch and go to the park.
pink hair in the car

We’ve had a bunch of thunder/lightning/rain storms so far. And then 15 minutes later, it’s gone!

The last weekend of the month, Ryan’s cousin invited us out on the boat to go innertubing on St. John’s River. It was such a blast! I managed to avoid getting sunburned which is a huge feat for me. And we spotted a baby alligator. The next day, I had crazy aches and pains. You don’t know it at the time but it’s a work out!
alligator on st. johns river
on a boat
Sunset on St Johns River

Somewhere in between those events, Ryan attempted to teach me how to swim under water without plugging my nose (yes, I’m a child) but I couldn’t take it anymore so I bought a nose plugger thing. Although I failed in that aspect, he taught me how to dive and I’ve been diving my little heart out!

Movies: [titles are linked to their imdb]
The Dark Crystal – Too be honest, this movie moved way too slowly to catch my attention and I fell asleep. I hope to finish it soon.
Arthur – I am one of many on the Russel Brand band-wagon so my opinion is biased but I thought it was funny and cute. I think it’s at least worth renting.
Friends with Benefits – I thought this was better than No Strings Attached. I thought it was funnier (more adult humor) and I liked Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis better as a couple than Ashtion Kutcher and Natalie Portman.
Limitless – I really enjoyed this movie. Some really neat scenes and I’m a huge fan of Bradly Cooper (because of Alias).

TV Shows: [titles are linked to their imdb]
Game of Thrones – Watched the whole season in two days. It is brilliant! I’m currently reading the book and I’ll post a review of it when I’m finished.
Alphas – I’m really curious where this first season is going to end up but so far I’m intrigued.
Eureka – This is a silly little show about a town full of geniuses and they constantly have problems with their “experiments”. And I love it. Also, Felicia Day is in it the last half of this season!
Warehouse 13 – This is definitely one of those silly, funny shows that is just a joy to watch and I love all of the characters.
Project Runway – I was skeptical of how good this show was going to be after Ryan went on about how good it was and how creative the designers were. After half way through season 7(?), I finally gave in and now I can’t get enough of this show! Plus, Heidi is so likable.

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