I can fly like a bird!


I can’t believe that I get to say this: I went to a Trapeze School! The owner and teacher, Mark, was super nice and easy going. Unfortunately, we didn’t jump on the opportunity when we first saw the trapeze set up in town the first couple weeks we were here in Florida and now we want to go a bunch more times but don’t have the time before we leave. But we have promised ourselves we will go every time we visit his parents.

steph alisha and ryan with trapeze belts on
alisha learning trapeze trick
Steph learning new trapeze trick
alisha climbs trapeze ladder
alisha holding trapeze bar
steph holding trapeze bar
Ryan trapeze turn
ryan trapeze catch
steph on trapeze net
steph trapeze dismount gif

2 thoughts on “I can fly like a bird!

  1. Katie

    Ahhh! I want to do this! Was it super scary? I hate that “free falling” feeling that I get in my stomach…did you get that?

    • At first glance it looks scary but it’s not that bad. I wore a harness (as you can see) and there was someone on the other end of the rope letting me fall as fast as he wanted. I fell on the net parallel to the ground every time. You should try it out at least once to say you did it and you never know, you may LOVE it!


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