geometric radness


While I was out and about doing some antique shopping (though not really; I bought more new things than old), I found Molly M Designs at a small clothing boutique along the river in Jacksonville. She works mostly with wood doing a lazer cutting technique and sometimes interlaying them with leather or suede. Everything she makes is so beautiful and captivating.

molly m drops 2
molly m pod 2
molly m woodrings
molly m arrow 1

Unfortunately, you can’t buy these online but here is a list of her sellers.

we found a home!


I am really excited to say that we finally found a place to live in Denver. I have been scouring the internet this past month for places to rent ( and mostly) and Ryan’s coworker ended up find this awesome place in a matter of seconds. Ryan’s friend checked out the place and took the picture below, so all I know is that this place looks like a castle and it’s twice as big as our apartment in Los Angeles. WIN-WIN! Oh! It’s also in one of the neighborhoods we really liked during out last visit.


We will be flying from JAX to DEN on September 3rd and the POD will be delivered that same day. All I care about is getting our bed setup and I will be a happy camper. I am looking forward to sharing “before” and “after” pictures with you, doing lots of goodwill shopping and finding to places to eat in Denver. Yay!!



This was my first visit to SeaWorld and WOW, so many amazing things!! We saw four shows consisting of cat, dogs, pigs, sea lions, walruses, dolphins, and killer whales. Holy cow! Here are just a few out of the many, many pictures/videos I took.

ryan and i at seaworld

seaworld aquarium

seaworld otter

seaworld walrus

seaworld dophins jumping

seaworld whale jump

seaworld stingray pup

seaworld leafy sea dragon

seaworld frog

seaworld seal and baby