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St. Augustine: oldest city in the nation

Last week we visited St. Augustine, the ” oldest continuously occupied European-established city and port in the continental United States”. And it looks like it with the cobble stone roads, the old fort and beautiful historic buildings.

We walked around a bit. It was a nice day because it wasn’t too hot or too humid. We really wanted to visit the Lightner Museum but we were running late and they close at 5p. We’re gonna hit it up next time.

St. Augustine - Lightner Museum

This store was my favorite. They had shelves and shelves of Key Lime flavored treats. I didn’t end up with any, I think, because I had too many options. But thinking about it makes me wish I had.

Key Lime Treats

We stopped at The Hyppo for some delicious “gourmet” popsicles. Linda and I both got Key Lime while Ryan ventured out and got Blueberry Cinnamon. The guy there said that one is based off of a pallet cleanser. Here is a list of their flavors. This is a must stop if you ever visit St. Augustine.

Hyppo Gourmet Popsicles

We went to this really neat map shop where they had old maps and drawings and scripted papers, some from 400 years ago. Here is a map they had framed with California being an island.

California Island

I spotted this little gem as well.

Children Sold Slaves

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