weekly finds #16


Hi guys! I’m sorry I’m posting this late. I had it all ready to go but I got distracted this weekend. Hope y’alls have a great Wednesday!

  1. I am madly in love with this dress after Chapplin from Mini Penny removed the sleeves.
    mini penny bee dress before after
  2. How did I not think of this before?! Ryan already makes panc-eggs (pancake batter over egg).
    bacon strip pancakes
  3. What do you get when you cross Stars Wars and Winnie the Pooh? These adorable illustrations by James Hance.
    james hence
  4. I love this commercial!

  5. I am excited to whip out all my scarves this fall and try some of these.

  6. Children like this (video) make me feel like an inadequate adult.

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