30 days of lists – Goals for the Month


30 Days of Lists

Day 1: Goals for the Month

My goals this month were easy to come up with because we are moving into a new place and a lot needs to be done.

  1. Unpack everything before the end of the month. No unopened boxes unless they are in storage.
  2. Get a job. I haven’t worked since May 4th and I am actually quite anxious to find a place with great pay and benefits that also suits my personality. If it exists.
  3. Decorate the new apartment without buying anything new. This doesn’t include small things like nails or hooks or the like but any new pieces of furniture must be second hand.
  4. Don’t be shy! I need to get out there and find stuff I like to do around Denver. That hopefully doesn’t cost money. At least before I accomplish goal 2.

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