30 Days of Lists – At this Moment


30 Days of Lists

Day 10: At this Moment

  • Tired from a fun day at the Zoo. First we went to Crema Coffeehouse and met up with some of Ryan’s co-workers, drank a delicious latte and ate an incredible sweet potato waffle. We all went to the zoo – where we got our membership, yay! – and saw soooo many animals. Then went to an ice cream shop called Sweet Action. That leads me to–
  • Ryan is sleeping on the couch. He is adorable.
  • Reading feeds from my greader. I swear it’s never ending but right now I only have 3 unread items. YES!
  • Looking around my new home and thinking of everything that needs to get done by the end of the month because it’s one my goals for September.
  • Wondering when I should finally turn on our clothes washer and dryer for the first time. Not now, obviously.
  • I feel loved. At this moment and always.

steph and ryan at denver zoo
denver zoo giraffes
denver zoo cheetah
denver zoo gorilla
denver zoo sleeping otter

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2 thoughts on “30 Days of Lists – At this Moment

    • haha! we have only been at our mew place for a week so we really haven’t dirtied that many clothes, yet. I just want to make sure it works, mostly. And it’s in the basement. It’s the only thing in the basement.

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