30 Days of Lists – Never Have I Ever


30 Days of Lists

Day 15: Never Have I Ever

  1. Sky-dive. My mom went sky-diving quite a few times when she was younger – we have pictures of her that I wish I had to post – and it’s always something I thought I could do because she did it.
  2. Bungy Jump. Every person I know that has done this has told me how much fun it is and that I should do it too. It’s on my list!
  3. Traveled to Australia, UK, or Thailand. These are places I would very much love visit in the future.
  4. Been fluent in a foreign language. I studied German 2 years in high school and took three quarters in college, and even visited Germany for 5 weeks, but I was never fluent.
  5. Ride a horse, elephant or camel. That would be a dream.

If I ever got to do all of these things, I would die a happy girl.

dream until your dreams come true

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