30 Days of Lists – Dream Jobs


30 Days of Lists

Day 16: Dream Jobs

  • Psychologist. This is something that I have thought about doing for a long time. I was accepted to the University of Washington with a major in Psych back in 2005. Specifically, I want to help public service employees like military men, police officers, firefighters, those kinds of people that put their lives on the line for us.
  • Ryan’s assistant. This sounds super cheesy but I would love to work besides Ryan everyday and help him do what he does best. And he can teach me things, which I enjoy.
  • Photographer. I have always wanted to be better at this and someday I will be with the right gear and just enough to make a living at it.
  • Food critic. I know what you’re thinking: you are the pickiest person I know, how would you ever eat things you don’t like to review them?! Well, to that I saw, it would be my dream to like everything.
  • Cat breeder. It would be the most amazing thing to be around kittens everyday, all day. Then, when they are big enough, I would make sure they all got into amazing homes.

The other day, Alice caught the attention of a squirrel outside and he came over and peek inside the window.

alice and squirrel

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