30 Days of Lists – If I Won the Lottery


30 Days of Lists

Day 23: If I Won the Lottery

  1. I would pay off my debt.
  2. I would buy my mom a house.
  3. I would buy my brother a house.
  4. I would buy myself a house.
  5. I would have my schooling fully paid for.
  6. I would create my dream space.
  7. I would eat at the most amazing (and expensive) restaurant and not worry about the check.
  8. Donate to a charity. Not sure which but I would research that.
  9. I would see family more by flying to see them and vice versa.
  10. I would travel to places I’ve never been.

Over the weekend, Ryan and I were taken to downtown Denver to walk around by some friends. We went to the the Tattered Cover book store where I bought my first high altitude cookbook. We also visited the I heart Denver store where they have an amazing variety by local artists. Ryan bought a cutest needle felting kit of an owl. I will let you know how it comes out.

downtown denver
downtown denver union station

here are some adorable crochet scarves I spotted at I heart Denver.
i heart denver

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