30 Days of Lists – I Need an App for


30 Days of Lists

Day 5: I Need an App for:

This one is hard because I feel like the Android Market really has an app for everything.

  1. X-ray app – I’d like to know what’s in our moving boxes before opening it and digging through it to figure out what I want isn’t in there.
  2. A nice WordPress app – I feel like the official WP app is useless. I’ve used it on a couple of occasions but the UI and functionality could be a lot better. I’d rather just jump on my computer than use it.
  3. Cat calling app – Sometimes I’d like to call my cat and have her actually come. Sometimes she does but mostly, she does what she wants. It would be most helpful when she’s hiding and I can’t find her.
  4. Topic/subject generating app – Sometimes I like to just sit down in front of my computer and write but write about what? I’d love for someone/something to give me ideas.

Here is Alice hanging out while we were packing up back in Los Angeles. She is so pretty!

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