30 Days of Lists – I’m Not Very Good At


30 Days of Lists

This feels like an interview question where I feel I’m getting sucked into saying something bad about myself. I’m going to take a queue from this girl and rephrased the question.

Day 7: I Would Like to Better at:

  1. CSS and HTML. Every time I watch Ryan code something, I get very jealous. I always think, I want to do that!
  2. Bowling. I love to bowl but I wish I could consistantly score more than 100 every game. {This reminds me: I need to join a bowling league!}
  3. Styling myself. Every once in a while, I feel inspired and can put together a great outfit but most of the time, it’s jeans and t-shirt.
  4. Cooking. This is a big one because, as a human being, I have to eat everyday and when Ryan isn’t home, I don’t want to feel like mac ‘n cheese is my only option. {This is a goal I’m setting for myself. No deadline.}
  5. Putting on make-up. I am a grown ass woman and should not feel intimidated by mascara and eye shadow. And foundation and lipstick. And blush.

There is so much more I’d like to be better at but I’ll put these few things in front of me for now.

For you enjoyment, here is a picture of me today at the grocery store with the biggest loaf of cheese I’ve ever seen – 5 glorious pounds.

steph with 5lb tillamook chedder cheese

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