30 Days of Lists – Things that Remind Me of My Childhood


30 Days of Lists

Day 8: Things that Remind Me of My Childhood

  1. Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. My brother got an NES one year for Christmas and you bet he had to share it with his little sister. The downside was that I was always 2nd player and my brother constantly hit the pause button my turn. A few years later, I got hooked on the Darkwing Duck game. I loved the cartoon too.
    super mario bros duck huntdarkwing duck game
  2. Tetris. My brother and I got our own Gameboys the following Christmas and I played Tetris non-stop. I got hooked to Kirby’s Pinball sometime later. Aw…the days… I had Ryan make me a cool harddrive in the Tetris NES game cartridge.
    NES tetris harddrive
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog. I think you know where I’m going with this. Thinking back, we had pretty good Christmases. Sonic was THE only game I played on that console and we spent hours playing this game. I still geek out when I see this game, more so than the previous two.
    sega sonic the hedgehog
  4. Road Trips. Yes, we did more than play video games. Every Summer and other random times, our mom drove us kids to Montana – my parents were born and raised in Montana so that’s were most of my family lives. It’s about an 8 hour trip. We had a burgundy Plymouth Voyager Van with faux wood side paneling and a cassette player. My mom packed at least 40 tapes to listen to which included Tony Braxton, Tracy Chapman, Natalie Merchant, Garth Brooks and this band from Missoula called Hot Diggity. Oh, and so much more….
  5. Bugs and snakes. For awhile, we lived in a house with a huge field out back. We would capture grasshoppers and lady bugs and all sorts of bugs. There were quite a few smaller snakes around that area too. Unfortunately, we were destructive children and often killed the captured. Rest assured, I feel like a normal well adjusted adult with no urges to kill things.

This post could really go on forever and I’m sure you’d rather it not. But since moving, I have found a few boxes with old pictures and plan to post some for your enjoyment and my embarrassment in the possibly not so near future.