30 Days of Lists – Weekend Plans


30 Days of Lists

Day 9: Weekend Plans

  1. Zoo! I absolutely love the zoo. We’re going this weekend and we’re getting memberships, too. We visited the Denver Zoo during our last visit and we very much enjoyed it. It’s a pretty nice zoo and, surprisingly, is much better laid out with newer buildings than the Los Angeles Zoo. steph with parakeet at denver zoo
  2. Unpacking. We have so much still to unpack. I fixed some of the drawers in the cupboard in the kitchen so I could finish putting dishes away. Furniture in our bedroom and living room needs to be moved around. I can’t access some of my dresser drawers because it’s pushed up against the bed. The bathroom is nearly complete, we just need to attached a towel rack and a face cloth rack. I don’t even want to discuss the spare bedroom – it’s a nightmare. Also, our office area is non-existent at this point. Pictures coming soon!
  3. Cooking. We bought tons of groceries the other day and I still haven’t made a meal. We went to IKEA last night and opted to eat there because they have delicious swedish meatballs. I kid you not. Delicious.

I think that’ll be about it. More cleaning and vacuuming probably in addition to catching up on some television – who else is watching Suits?? That show is amazing and last night was the season finally.

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