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Recently, my friends have been getting Android devices and asking me what apps I use so I thought that was a great idea to list them all out for a post.

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Because Android is an open source OS owned by Google, I decided my second part would outline all of the Google Apps I use.

  1. Google Docs – I used to use Google docs more than I do now but I love the thought of being able to access them anytime I need to.
    google docs maingoogle docs
  2. Google Goggles – This app is like magic! You can scan barcodes, QR codes, paintings, statues and so on, and the app bring usp a search of the image or the URL for code. It even translates text on the fly. So cool.
    google goggles translategoogle goggles paintings
    google goggles books
  3. Google Reader – I’ve told you about this app before and I continue to love it. They just recently had an update with an even better looking UI.
    google reader itemgoogle reader add
  4. Google Voice – Voice lets me integrate my phone number so I can use the app or web interface to send texts from my mobile number seamlessly. The voicemail aspect of it is also amazing because all I have to do is read the transcript or play the file right in the app or web interface.
    google voice inbox
  5. Google Maps with Navigation – My two favorite things about Google Maps is the traffic layer and how easy it is to go right into Google Navigation (you can choose to launch Navigation without using Maps first). This is the best navigation software I’ve ever used including my Garmin. It also approximates destination time depending on traffic. Genius.
    google mapsgoogle maps satallite and traffic
    google navigation
  6. Google+ – I wish this app had a few more features but it is what it is since I’m a Google+ user. I do like the fact that I can check-in to places thru this app or Google Maps.
    google+google+ check-in
  7. Google Translate – I don’t know if I can really tell you how much this app rocks until you use it. Basically you can type or speak into the app in any language and it will translate into text and speech. Two people who don’t speak the same language can have a decent conversation.
    google translategoogle translate speech
  8. Google Music Beta – This app allows you to play music that’s located on your phone as well as anything you’ve uploaded to their cloud (which you can also play through the web interface). I currently have 2000+ that I can listen to anytime. I plan on uploading the rest of my music because this works amazingly. If you need an invite to their Music Beta, request one here or let me know (I only have 3 left).
    google music now playinggoogle music list
  9. My Tracks – This app tracks my phone via gps when I go walking or running but you can use it beyond that. I used it once to track my pace and time from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for kicks, which I uploaded online.
    google my tracks mapgoogle my tracks upload
  10. Gmail – I’m sure this goes without saying but in the spirit of full disclosure, I’m putting in on the list because I truly use this app everyday.
    gmail inboxgmail converstaions

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