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Recently, my friends have been getting Android devices and asking me what apps I use so I thought that was a great idea to list them all out for a post.

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Part 3 and part 4 consists of the rest of my favorite apps in alphabetical order.

  1. – What can I say? I am an Amazon shopper. If you are too, you’ll love this app with easy barcode searching and the ability to add to your wishlist and read product reviews.
    amazon mainamazon product detail
  2. FBReader – To be honest, I’m not really picky about ebook readers but this app is minimal and has everything I need. I simply drag and drop my book into the “eBook” folder and I’m good to go. Because I read mostly at night before sleep, I am constantly using “night mode” which is white text on black.
    fbreaderfbreader page
  3. Fring – I like this app because video chat actually works on my phone (unlike Skype) and doesn’t drain my battery (unlike Skype). It also has a gtalk plugin so I can call people from Fring to gtalk.
    fring profilefring call
  4. Goodreads – Their app is only mediocre but I can at least update the current progress of my book in a jiffy so why not? My Goodreads profile is here.
    goodreads shelfgoodreads review
  5. IMDB – I using this app constantly searching for actors’ Filmography and synopsis’ for shows and movies. So happy to have this info at the tip of my finger.
    imdb searchimdb
  6. Mileage – I am slightly OCD about logging and tracking things and this app is very easy to log fuel stop and keep track of MPG. It even has as statistics page.
    mileage new infomileage history
  7. Molome – For those Android users jealous of Instagram, fear not, this is the app for you. Super easy to apply filters and share your photos online. And the icon is the cutest.Follow me. — Molome has been deleted, presumably, because Instagram is now available on Andriod.
  8. My Days – This is a girly app and my girls out here will understand how awesome this app is.
    my days calendarmy days select
  9. QuickPic – This is by far the best substitute for the stock gallery. You can crop, share multiple pictures at once, watch videos, sort however you want. Everything you want that the stock gallery doesn’t.
    quickpic foldersquickpic pix
  10. Screen Filter – I love to read ebooks and surf the net in bed and this app allows me to dim the screen’s brightness below the minimum.
    screen filter

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

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