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When I’m not submitting resumes, out to lunch with Ryan, or watching old seasons of Project Runway, I am learning to crochet. The wonderful Dana over at CraftyMinx has been teaching Crochet School.

So far, I have successfully made a stitch swatch made from 6 crochet stitches we were taught – chain stitch, single stitch, half-double stitch, double stitch, treble stitch, and double treble stitch. It sounds like a lot but she does video tutorials and is very articulate.

I can see where I made a few mistakes and it bugs me but I love the yellow and brown-taupe color I chose for this project.

I have already downloaded 20 or so patterns for things I want to make. I am extremely excited to learn how to read patterns.

If crochet is something you want to learn, then here is your chance!


2 thoughts on “crochet corner

  1. I plan on doing this as well – I was actually going to start from day one, but I didn’t. Oh well! I love crochet and all I know how to do is make a sloppy chain, so I can’t wait.

    You did a FANTASTIC job in my opinion! I love the color combo!

    • thank you! I’m very excited about everything i plan to make!

      at the end, she’s going to create an ecourse that you can purchase with everything in it. which i am totally going to buy because i forget things like easily.


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