how to create a .gif in Photoshop


I am excited to say that I have a guest post over at Ruche’s blog. If you’ve never checked out Ruche, you should! They have great vintage inspired apparel as well as up and coming trends. I created a quick and easy DIY .gif post. I promise, it’s really easy and you’ll get addicted!

For readers who don’t have Photoshop, I made a tutorial for you!

heart gif - how to make a gif

Happy Monday, everyone!

3 thoughts on “how to create a .gif in Photoshop

  1. Very cool! And oh my goodness you included a GIMP tutorial too! :D  (Im being cheap and avoiding buying photoshop…)
    Super cute blog, simple layout with lots of info and cool pics   :-)  

    • between GIMP and aviary, for me, there isn’t really a need for Photoshop. i acquired it second hand only because my man is a web designer and he uses it daily. and i do really like GIMP. i was surprised at how easy the GIMP is after giving it a fair chance.

      thank you so much!

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