monthly recap: September


September was a long month for me.

I have yet to find a job therefore I’ve spent a lot of time home alone. I am lucky to have made a friend that takes me out to lunch once a week and I am starting to go to a yoga class with her on Thursday nights. Regarding the job thing, I’ve probably submitted about 50 cover letters and resumes. One week, I submitted 3-5 everyday. I am lucky to be receiving unemployment but I’d rather be earning the money. And more of it, of course.

I set goals that didn’t happen. I gave in to buying new furniture so we took a trip to Ikea and bought a shelf for the bathroom and a new TV stand because the old one didn’t fit all of Ryan’s toys (the old one is now our coffee table). We actually got a ton of other stuff too but I think that was all the furniture. We still have boxes to unpack but most of them are in the spare bedroom so at least I don’t have to look at them. The “shy” goal isn’t a total failure and have befriended 3 new Denver people. Yay!

30 Days of Lists

I didn’t finish my 30 Days of Lists. I realized that it’s a lot of information most people wouldn’t care about, including myself, which is why I slowed down and then quite altogether. I’m excited for you to get to know be better but learning something new every day for a whole month is quite a lot.

And I’ve listened to more TED talks than any one person ever should (although I have learned a lot!).

X-Men: First Class – I really enjoyed this movie. I’m am already a fan of the X-Men cartoons, movies and I’ve read a few of the comics. But this movie was clever to pull from past U.S. history and that was my favorite part of this movie.

TV Shows:
There were many that premiered in September so I’m sorry the list is long.
New this season:
The Secret Circle – This show is brand new this season so I’m not sure what I think of it yet.
Charlies Angels – I wasn’t sure about this one but I just loved Minka Kelly in Friday Night Lights and she’s one of the “angels” so I’m intrigued.
Ringer – I’m still unsure if I will watch this show all season because it has an unusual storyline, too unusual for me.
Unforgettable – This show takes a different angle from the normal “cop show” with a main character that remembers everything.
Revenge – Ryan’s mom said she couldn’t watch it because it’s too soap opera-y but I like the main actress and the drama is right up my alley.
Parenthood – I’m so happy this show is back. Every episode tugs at my heart strings.
Castle – I think this show is so much fun and I have a weakness for Nathan Fillion.
Glee – What can I say? It’s a silly little show that makes me smile when I watch it.
Modern Family – This could possibly be one of my all time favorite shows. The family dynamic is the funniest I’ve ever seen on TV.
Harry’s Law – All of the characters are completely different but have to work together to make for interesting dialogue.
The Big Bang Theory – I feel like this show might be losing its charm due to the lack luster story lines but I’ve watched it since day one. I still really enjoy all of the quirky, nerdy characters and Penny.
Community – Another very, very funny show that I can’t get enough of. Must see!
Nikita – I like a woman who kicks butt and Nikita does just that. Love it.
America’s Next Top Model – This is my dirty little secret. When someone asks me what shows I’m watching, I never say this one.

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  1. Jen and I are living on my unemployment right now as well (only $155 a week >.<) and we're waiting for her SSI to – hopefully – be approved. So I SO know how you feel!!!

    I also didn't finish 30Lists in September, bah!!! Hoping I can pick up again soon. ^_^

      • Anonymous

        I hope both of you ladies feel inspired by the lists at the right time. They don’t need to be consecutive, we’re just hoping they inspire you to take time for yourself each day to be a wee bit creative and do something we all love…make a list :)

        Thanks for joining us!

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