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  • Aug 4
  • Face Off 9x2 - Siren Song
  • Aug 5
  • Big Brother (US) 17x19 - Veto #6
  • America's Next Top Model 22x1 - The Guys and Girls Make It toHollywood
  • Suits 5x7 - Hitting Home
  • Key & Peele 5x5 - Killer Concept Album
  • Aug 6
  • Beauty and the Beast 3x9 - Cat's Out of the Bag
  • Big Brother (US) 17x20 - Live Eviction #6; Head of Household#7
  • Project Runway 14x1 - Season 14, Episode 1
  • Graceland 3x7 - Bon Voyage
  • Married 2x4 - Koreatown






fun. (the band)

This is my new favorite song! I know it’s not Music Monday, but it’s so good! Please listen.

I’m listening to their 2009 album, Aim & Ignite, right now and am anxious to get their up and coming album, Some Night, coming out in February.

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Comment from Kristie
Time Nov 18, 2011 at 8:35 pm

I love fun. so much! I was just listening to Aim and Ignite the other day. Thanks for posting this! So good!

Also: Her teeth are extremely white. Haha.

Comment from Stephanie {growlingsteph.com}
Time Nov 20, 2011 at 10:42 am

Thanks Kristie! 

I didn’t realize until you said but her teeth ARE white! haha!