book review: The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern


The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus, find there synopsis here, is a great story of magicians and the circus and love. Those three things make me really want to love love love this book but in the end I thought “Hm. Well, that was nice.” The characters were amazing, the descriptions of the circus were beautiful, and the overall story is a good one. But that doesn’t necessarily make me love the book. The story was quite drawn out for me and moved too slowly. Almost every other chapter alternated between past and present (or present and future?). If you have read The Time Traveler’s Wife, then you have seen this before where it makes sense and adds to the story. But I don’t think it did here. I think it only confuses the reader. Me. I was confused.

Also, I accomplished my 2011 goal to read 12 books! As you can see I’ve read more than that but I didn’t realize it until yesterday. Feel free to follow me on Goodreads.

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge
Stephanielynn has completed a goal of reading 12 books in 2011!


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  1. This book is totally on my to-read list, I can’t wait!  I’ve been reading People of the Book, it’s FANTASTIC.  I am just compiling my own reading challenge for 2012, my goal is to read 26 in 27 (I turn 27 on Jan 6th,) based solely on books that have been recommended to me by friends, family, and other bloggers. I’m asking for really monumental life changing reads. Any suggestions?  BTW, love the blog!

  2. Anonymous

    OK I love the idea of a reading challenge! I think I’ve read one and a half books this year. And one of them was for my own virtual book club that I started. Pathetic.

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